Travel Nursing Applications - Made Easy

Travel Nurse Company Online Applications Made EasyUsing the below process you'll be able to fill out on line applications rather quickly. You may want to fill out online applications for companies that show promise but usually it's best to wait until a recruiter presents an assignment with the details that you are definitely interested in. 

Keep all of the below information in the order listed in one Notepad Text File that you can minimize and maximize when you need to copy fragments and paste them in the online application. I use the Notepad text file because it is easier to manipulate than Word Processor Documents like WORD .doc and the online applications only allow unformatted text anyway.

As you fill out documents you will find Auto Complete Function in Web Browsers will offer to fill In a block of text you have filled before. Some online application sections disable auto complete so you will only be able to copy and paste or type.

The below information is all possible info you may need to supply usually in this order...

Name & Address (perm)
Address (temporary)
Email address
Cell phone, Home phone or Voice mail
Original License Date (when you first were issued your first license)
State Licenses (numbers)
Expiration Dates
License of Resident State
Certifications, Expiration Dates
Clinical Experience in Reverse Chronological Order with below info:
Facility Name, address, phone number
Dates of Employment, Job Titles, Job duties
Job type: Perm, Per diem, Travel Nursing Assignment
Supervisors name, phone number + extension, email , alternate phone numbers
References: name, phone number + extension, email , alternate phone numbers
Not necessary to list Travel Nurse Companies you worked for. (Confidential)

Also keep copies of the below documents to scan and email or fax...

Drivers License
Employment Physical (current) (some companies may send you to their own medical screening if so request a copy for future use)
Immunization Records PPD
Complete Reference list
Letters of Reference
Past Evaluations
Copy of Check with VOID written across (for Direct Deposit)

There will be other documents that are more Company specific which just require your signature . I found the best way to scan the above documents is using my portable, usb powered Cannon flat bed scanner (cost me $29 bought in 2003 and still working) which came with easy to use software.

I Scan to a multi page PDF type file with high compression at 150 - 300 dpi  (dots per inch) in Gray scale. That way you have a quality image but not to big to email either. The multi page setting allows you to have more than one page per PDF file.

I have been able to scan all the above documents into one file less than 1 megabyte which is easy to email.  

You can also save files as attachments to emails in you web mail such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail which all offer free accounts. You could then forward a saved email with attachment if you needed to.