What to Bring on your Travel Nursing Trip ?

The Trip

Motor Oil
Towels/Window cleaner
First Aid Kit
Cell Phone
DC Charger/cell
AC Charger/cell
AAA Card with VIN number
Poncho/Jacket/Gloves if car stuck in cold weather
Spare Tire
Small tool kit
Credit cards
Ice Scraper (cold weather)
Emergency Weather Alert Radio
2 way radios if separate vehicles (GPRS/GRMS)
Eye Glasses/Sun Glasses
Moist Towelettes
Meds including Maalox, Imodium AD (Travelers sickness)
Pen/Small tablet
AAA Travel Guide to visiting states
Comfortable/Loose Travel clothes
Separate clothes/items you will need at hotel stops
Address book with numbers of Recruiter/On call Recruiter/ Reliable friends
Contact numbers for Apartment Agent and agreed times to meet
Camera to document your Trip
Rolling Light weight suitcases can help keep things secure/not loose and organized. Also provides for easy unloading.
Snacks for the Trip (Yummy!).
Toilet paper (cushioning and emergencies)

The Apartment

Pillows (they never give you enough also helps cushion in vehicle)
Linens (I like my own and cushioning)
Humidifier (Dry Environment like AZ)
Air Purifier
Febreeze for odors
Alarm clock (battery operated) I use my cell phone
Welcome Mat
Some items that are compact but make you feel at home.
AAA Travel Guide of the area
Small phone Book so you can carry in car
Good Map of the area/GPS handheld like Gorman to navigate
Eye Cover/ Blackout Covers for windows for us night people
Apartment Finder/Guide from Apartment complex/Real Estate Company
If alternate housing is needed (has good maps to see locations)
Telephone non-cordless with light up dial for when the power goes out $9
Bug Spray/ Roach Discs/ Maybe Bomb (Bug Spray) apartment before unpacking
Extra key copies
Mailbox key
Toilet paper
Small vacuum if not supplied
Light weight Laundry basket/bag
Travel Alarm for front door
Stick to lock sliding patio door/ small saw to cut to proper length
Spices, Pot pans etc just enough if not supplied (Try to bring multi purpose items).