My Favorite Travel Nurse Recruiter and Company

360 Travel Nurse Companies. The most complete and verified list of US Travel Nurse Agencies. Updated frequently. I did this for myself all the directories out there are incomplete, have dead links, companies no longer in business but I know it is hard work to maintain.

Includes section of those agencies with their own job search updated daily although it is currently under review indentifying those with outdated listings with no start or post dates even though those can serve some purpose.

Soon to come: 

Google Custom Search to search all listed agencies web pages.

International Travel Nurse Companies

Seasonal Hospital programs

Camps that need Camp Nurses

Email links to recruiters of each company.

Email Blast to All or Select Companies

Benefits Comparisons: I believe Highway Hypodermics has the best info on that right now

So my favorite recruiter is lots of great recruiters that work with you like an equal team member. The next post will explain that in detail on how to send out email blasts yourself and efficiently manage the responses as well other ways to effectively find good recruiters which can be hard with the incentive of Travelers to refer any recruiter for money.

This is a rough draft post and I'll update frequently.

I started Travel Nursing back in 2003 and had researched as far back as 1997 starting on the Delphiforums Travel Nurse and Therapist Forum  which is still up and running with great advice.

I literally contacted every company out there at that time well over 300 established Travel Nurse Agencies of different sizes.

I have talked and dealt with hundreds of recruiters and researched all their websites and other informational websites.

I've communicated since then with even more experienced Travel Nurses that started with Travel Nursing that started years ago and absorbed their knowledge like a sponge.

Always updating industry information from recruiters, agency managers and owners and experienced travelers.

It is something you remain a student of and never an expert because things keep changing.

I've worked for many companies since I've been traveling and thouroughly researched assignments but there is only so much you can do. There will be some unknowns.

This is where having a Great Travel Nurse Recruiter comes into play.

Someone working for you rather than against you.

From my experience the best Travel Nurse Recruiter from the Travel Nurse perspective is:

Calm in any situation even the sticky ones

Honest and Transparent - That's something a person has or they don't. The let you know what exactly is going on and what to expect. The positives and negatives and everything in between.

Knowledgable - They know the nuts and bolts of all the systems and processes of getting a Travel Nurse Assignment from beginning to end AND can and will explain it to you in easy to understand terms.

Personable - It can be stressful getting assignments and you need to work with someone with a good sense of humor about it and friendly but that alone without the other qualiites is not enough.

Accesible - Easy to contact through email, text, cell and responds quickly. The best are accessible 24-7 for real emergencies like Manny.

Organized - They have access to all assignments available, know what you want and need and are on top of it. They followup  on questions. They can do that with all their Travel Nurses because they stay organized using technology, alerts, databases etc.

Team Player - You are a member of the team working with them along with all the other staff the recruiter works with such as housing, compliance etc. Their ability to work effectively and efficiently with all team players makes things go smoothly even in sticky situations.

Experienced - All of the above gets better over time in learning in dealing with many situations and what are the possible solutions for each problem that may arise.

Enjoys their job - When you enjoy something learning and mastery comes naturally and it comes accross in you interactions with you.

I've talked with some recruiters that had these qualities and believe me when I say it is a blessing. Things workout much better and make your life easier as a Travel Nurse.

I've had experiences with Bad Recruiters too which really makes you appreciate a good recruiter. Believe me. I can not overstate that.

It really comes down to what their priorities in life are. Whether your are a Nurse or Recruiter or any other profession and you desire to do a good job and treat people fairly blessings will come to you in the long run. You don't need unethical strategies to get ahead.

If you look for WIN situations for the Travel Nurse, The Company and the Facility together you will WIN yourself in the long run.


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